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Welcome to Web World, one-stop resource for information seekers. Onwebworld is our dream place where we, group of developers who joined their hands, want to provide value-added information. The original concept is in its infancy and is sure to expand as its users raise their voice.

This blog is created to post discussions about every related issue which is of use. So if you think that together we can make this a better place, then please continue.

Blog policies

  • Do encourage healthy discussions. Don’t post irresponsible and irrelevant comments.
  • Respect others views.
  • There should not be any abuses or personal egos against anyone.
  • No petty Arguing, personal, religious & racist attacks or attacks on the Moderator.
  • Don’t encourage conflicts.

Moderators don’t get time to analyze each and every post, so please do report bad or abusive behavior which is against our policies so that we can get rid of those things by a ban on the persons who are involved in such things.

Send us the post link and the name of the troublemaker. If we have enough complaints or if the bad behavior is too obvious you will see that cleaned up real soon.

**All complaints, doubts, suggestions, and compliments can be addressed/clarified with us through E-Mail:info@onwebworld.com